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obligatory year end 2014-by-the-numbers-and-other-stuff note

(originally posted as a Facebook note on 31 December 2014 .)

Things I learned:
"Rest not. Life is sweeping by; go and dare before you die. Something mighty and sublime, leave behind to conquer time."

    — Johann Wolfgang Van Geothe
"Rest not. Life is sweeping by; go and dare before you die. Something mighty and sublime, leave behind to conquer time." — Johann Wolfgang Van Geothe

  • Why do I do it?  To be free from expectation and inhibition. 
  • On good days I run long.  On bad days I run longer. 
  • Patience is key.  That chick that just chicked you?  You'll catch up (sometimes).  All those races on the Saturday closest to summer solstice?  Your time will come.  Plantar fascia acting up?  It just needs some rest. 
  • Pain is guaranteed.  Suffering and character-building--that's for you to decide. 
  • Relentless forward motion.  Run when you can.  You can always take one more step (unless a bear has borrowed at least one of your legs).
  • Don't be an asshole.  Everyone wants you to succeed, so vice versa should apply. 
  • Be mindful of what you're quantifying and what you're qualifying.  Never be a slave to your own ego. 
  • Always remember what you are trying to prove.  Mental fatigue is a very real thing.  
  • Wear a silly costume if you need some help with that. 
  • People will compliment your tutu by saying "nice dress".  It is inevitable and unavoidable.
  • Everything tastes better after a run.  Beer especially, even if it's an e-e-e-e-ESB like Bitch Creek.  
  • Stick around after a run.  Otherwise--what's the point?
  • If you're flying to a race--wear your race shoes and have some race gear in your carry-on.  Flying is no longer an occasion you dress for, and sometimes European-fit underwear feels weird. 
  • Selfies or it didn't happen....
  • ...but be sure to photobomb during a race as well--those idiots are a safety hazard. 
  • Refuel with the scenery (in addition to the usual stuff).  Free your mind and your legs will follow.
  • Shorts if possible.  Flemish best is only for Flandrian weather. 
  • Thank the RD's and other volunteers.  They go through hell and back to see you finish. 
  • Remember to volunteer and pay your dues.  
  • Listen to your RMT--especially the part where they egg you on to sign up for more races because they know you can do it.  (But be careful because they probably just want more of your business when you race one too many times.)
  • Toe socks.  
  • Blood-clotting sponges. 
  • Shoe trees. 
  • Do epic shit.  Be a force of awesome for the ones who cannot. 
Random stats:
  • distance: 4486km / 2804 mi
  • elevation: 118,038m / 381,263ft
  • pairs of shoes destroyed during the year: 3
  • active pairs of shoes at year end: 11
Ultra races run:
  1. Calgary 50K (June 1, 51k)
  2. Trailstoke (July 19, 49k)
  3. Canadian Death Race (August 2, 125k)
  4. Iron Legs (August 16, 88k)
  5. The Rut (September 13, 53k)
  6. Kaisermarathon Söll (October 4, 43k)
  7. Georgia Sky to Summit (November 8, 50k)
Long-ass training runs not included above:
  1. Canmore Quad (June 28, 53k)
  2. Burns Lake (September 1, 44k)
  3. Rockwall (September 21, 55k)
Honorable mentions:
  • Big Sur Birthday fun run (April 27, 42.2k)
  • MEC Race #7 (October 19, 42.2k)
  • Winter Solstice "I thought I was just going to do 30k" fat ass (December 21, 41.5k)
Other stupid ideas:
  • Prairie Quad (November 16, 27.8k, 2878m gain)
  • Prairie Quin (December 31, 34.6k, 3571m gain)
Unique mountains/big-ass hills summited, in no particular order:
  1. Flood Mountain, Grande Cache, AB
  2. Grande Mountain, Grande Cache, AB
  3. Mount Hamel, Grande Cache, AB
  4. Grotto Mountain, Canmore, AB
  5. Mount Lady Macdonald, Canmore, AB
  6. East End of Rundle, Canmore, AB
  7. Ha Ling peak, Canmore, AB
  8. Powderface ridge, Kananaskis Country, AB
  9. Deadgoat Ridge, Big Sky, MT
  10. Lone Peak summit, Big Sky, MT
  11. Mount Mackenzie, Revelstoke, BC
  12. Mount Revelstoke, Revelstoke, BC
  13. Prairie Mountain, Kananaskis Country, AB
  14. Rabun Bald, Sky Valley, GA
  15. Clingmans Dome, Great Smoky Mountains National Park, TN
  16. Ellmau Hartkaiser, Ellmau, Austria
  17. Hohe Salve, Söll, Austria
  18. Rickerts' Pass, Kananaskis Country, AB
  19. Mount Allan, Kananaskis Country, AB
  20. Cox Hill, Kananaskis Country, AB
  21. Jumpingpound Ridge, Kananaskis Country, AB
  22. Whaleback Mountain, Yoho National Park, BC
  23. The Fortress, Kananaskis Country, AB
  24. Juffinger Jöchl, Bad Häring, Austria
  25. Wasootch Ridge, Kananaskis Country, AB
  26. McConnell Ridge, Kananaskis Country, AB
  27. Alymer lookout, Banff, AB
Honorable mentions:
  • 90m Canada Olympic Park ski jump + the hill at the bottom
Number of ski hills visited in the 'off-season':
  1. Revelstoke Mountain Resort (Trailstoke)
  2. Lake Louise (Skoki run)
  3. Canada Olympic Park (Unbreakable)
  4. Hexenwasser Söll (Tour de Tirol)
  5. Ellmau (Tour de Tirol)
  6. Scheffau (Tour de Tirol)
  7. Big Sky (The Rut)
  8. Sunshine Village (Bourgeau to Sunshine run)
  9. Sky Valley (Georgia Sky to Summit)
Current 2015 schedule/wish list:
  • Frozen Ass 50 (February 16, 50K)
  • Georgia Death Race (March 14, 68mi)
  • Blackfoot (May 30, 100K)
  • Lysefjorden Inn (June 6, 60K)
  • K-100 relay (June 20, ???)
  • Sinister 7 (July 11, 100M)
  • Blamann vertical (August 1, 2.7K)
  • Hamperokken Skyrace (August 2, 45K)
  • Fat Dog (August 14, 120M)
  • Lost Soul (September 11, 100M)
  • Banff Ekiden (October 17, ???)
  • Javelina Jundred (???, 100M)
  • One extra late-season small-scope >50k'er in the middle of bumfk nowhere
New Year's Resolutions/not-really-a-goal goals:
  • Volunteer more than I race. (RD friends who need help--help?)
  • Be an aid station barista for a race. 
  • Manage an aid station with a dance floor. 
  • Only run marathons during an ultra.  No races shorter than 42.2K unless it's a relay or a vK. 
  • No more solo-effort road races.....after Frozen Ass.  
  • Sunshine to Shark in one day.
  • Bourgeau to Sunshine via Eohippus in one day.
  • Skoki loop in one day.
  • Bankers Hall to MacKay's Ice Cream 38k ice cream run on a weekday.  And back after chugging a cone. (Currently scheduled for Parade Day next year.)
  • Summit Moose Mountain.  (I actually have no idea how I have never done this yet.)
  • Backside of Moose Mountain via Jumpingpound. 
  • Don't buy any shoes during 2015.
  • Qualify for WS again. 
  • Qualify for Hardrock.  
Thanks everyone for daring me to make some poor life choices (seriously Alan--I hate you) and for sharing the ride.  Misery is indeed magic.
I wish you all good health, bigger dreams, and great happiness to you and yours. Happy new year!

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